What Are the Best Soundbars On Today’s 2016 Market?

You’re certainly going to need an outside speaker for your television set. As great as a slim television set can be, a speaker will require plenty of space for it to actually generate audio. That’s where a soundbar can help.

The best soundbars are units that will produce great sounds. These are items that will create detailed sounds on any set.

The soundbar industry has been growing in recent years with all sorts of great models available for sale. Here’s a look at a few pointers for when you are looking to buy one as well as a closer look at some of the best choices on the market. You could certainly learn quite a bit when you look at what goes into your set and how it can generate the best possible sounds.


Images Credits : digitaltrends.com

A Few Simple Pointers

To get a soundbar that works for your needs, you have to consider several key aspects:

  1. Bar and slab options are available. A bar is a longer unit that is also thin. It is appealing but at the same time may also have no subwoofer features. Some models may have wireless subwoofers that go with them. A slab option would have a flat body that you would actually put your television set on top of and may come with a better bass and midrange sound.
  2. Surround sound is often found on many models. This can work with different sounds coming out of various parts of each unit. This can be a great feature to add but you might have an easier time playing back sounds if you have many parts connected to the original bar. This is especially as some items can be placed at different parts of your room.
  3. Streaming audio can be supported by some choices too. Streaming audio support typically comes from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals that are received by the unit. Wi-Fi may work well when connecting to a whole house system although it is often easier for a Bluetooth signal to work when getting a larger set ready.

The options that are available for your use are certainly appealing but you have to look around based on how they are built and what makes them different. This is to provide you with a choice that you can trust and enjoy using in your home.

Great Features To See

The individual features that come with some of the best soundbars available are important to see:

  • A wireless remote control will make it easier for you to adjust your soundbar.
  • Bluetooth connectivity helps you get the soundbar to link up to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • NFC support is available to create a stronger wireless connection on some models.
  • AirPlay is included on some models to allow your soundbar to link to different Apple devices including iPhones and iPads. This lets you load music from those devices up to a soundbar.

A Few Great Choices

There are numerous great options to see when finding the best soundbar for your home:

  • The Creative iRoar offers a Bluetooth and USB connection. It also uses its own battery to let it operate without having to be plugged in. An equalizer program may also be used as you can link it to a computer to adjust some of the more technical aspects of its sounds.
  • The Sharp HT-SB602 is big enough for 55-inch HDTV sets and offers a Bluetooth connection. The wireless remote makes it easier for users to adjust the bar based on many controls. An NFC zone is also included to make it easier for sounds to be adjusted as necessary.
  • The Zvox SoundBase 570 is an affordable choice that operates with a slab shape. It is wide enough like a soundbar but has a thicker body to make it work well on most television sets. This works with many RCA, optical and coaxial ports. It has a simple remote control that is carefully organized to be very easy to read. The treble and bass are easy to adjust on this unit.

The Razer Leviathan is another choice that is easy to afford. It comes with its own wired subwoofer and can be adjusted through a HDMI-CEC remote control that already works with your television set. This works well with enough controls and creates an even sound all around with hardly any feedback getting in the way of the setup.

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